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The Why Behind The Walk

Walk For The Wounded emerged out of a small group of Veterans and Canadian service members wanting to make a change. A change that was done in actions, not words.


Bringing Change



-Less Talk More Walk-

At Walk For The Wounded, we are dedicated to stepping up to address mental health in and after service. Through working to support organizations such as Wounded Warriors Canada we can help get those struggling the help they deserve. By creating an event that puts mental health at the forefront, it is our mission to reduce the number of those who struggle in silence.


-Warriors First-

Our organizational vision is to create an event, and organization, that leads the way to a better CAF for those to come after us. Targeting the pillars:

  • Address Mental health accessibility and stigma across all communities

  • Medical care for veterans

  • Internal fundraising efforts for Veteran & First responder charities

  • Create a plan to help transitioning members of the CAF and First Responders to civilian life



Small team, Big goals.

Veterans helping veterans was a cornerstone of what started Walk For The Wounded. As such, our team is all current or veteran members of the Canadian Armed Forces. We believe that to bring change to the state of mental health among our community, it's members can offer the best insight in how to do that.

With a mission of '100 cents on the dollar' it is our intent to build an organization that puts 100% of donations straight to our causes.

About: What We Do
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